2 Smart Appliances You May Want To Choose For Your Kitchen

Appliances are getting smarter and smarter, but there are some that are very smart. These appliances can make things easier for you, so you may want to consider putting them in your kitchen. Below are two types you could choose. Refrigerator "Smart" refrigerators are controlled via an LCD touchscreen from your smartphone, using a remote or voice commands. You can record the food that you have stored in the refrigerator, as well as the expiration date of the food. [Read More]

Clothes Taking Too Long To Dry? 4 Things That Can Cause This

If your clothes are taking much longer to dry than they normally do, you don't have to go buy a new dryer just yet. In some cases it is something that is easy to fix to get the dryer working like new again. Below are four things that could be the problem. Air Flow Problems Check the vent on your dryer and make sure it is not clogged up. If it is then the air flow is restricted throughout your dryer, which causes it to take longer to dry your clothes. [Read More]

Addressing A Couple Of Common Problems Dishwashers Experience

Problems with your dishwasher can quickly have major impacts on the rest of your kitchen. Unfortunately, there are some problems that can commonly afflict dishwashers, and if you are not well-informed about these appliances, you may not understand what is needed to repair the problem. In particular, the following two questions concerning common dishwasher problems may help you to minimize the impacts from these two common issues.  Why Is Water Leaking Out Of The Sides And Bottom Of Dishwasher Door? [Read More]

3 Tips To Prevent Your Icemaker From Leaking

If your refrigerator came with an ice maker built-in, you probably love the convenience of being able to have ice whenever you want it. However, you should know that ice maker leaks can cause serious problems. If your ice maker leaks, it can cause a lot of water to run out near your refrigerator, which can cause damage to your walls, your floors, your cabinets and any other surrounding materials. It can also cause mold and mildew to grow in your home if you aren't careful and can leave a musty odor. [Read More]