3 Sign that Your AC System Needs Repair

Having an air conditioning system in your house is a must for most homeowners. Depending on where you live, an air conditioning system could be the difference between your comfort and misery. That is why it is important that you have a good working air conditioning system. All systems will need repairs and replacement at some point. Here are a couple signs that your air conditioning system is going bad. [Read More]

2 Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Refrigerators are one of the most indispensable appliances in the modern world. For that reason, nothing could be more frustrating than a broken fridge. Luckily, you can avoid costly refrigerator repairs by learning a few a few simple maintenance tips. If your home has a refrigerator, read on. This article will introduce two ways to keep it going strong. Clean and replace door gaskets The gaskets are those rubbery strips around the perimeter of the fridge and freezer doors. [Read More]

Common Questions About Washer And Dryer Problems Answered

Your washer and dryer are two of the most important major appliances that you own. In addition to being highly convenient, these devices can be remarkably durable. However, there are some minor problems that your washer and dryer may develop. Not surprisingly, you may have questions on the rare occasion that something goes wrong with these devices.  Why Does The Washing Machine Supply Line Drip Water? As time progresses, you may one day notice that a small leak has developed on with your washing machine. [Read More]