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Have Your Teenagers Started Doing Their Own Laundry? 4 Signs It Is Time For Washing Machine Repairs

It is a wonderful day when your teenagers reach the age where they can do their own laundry. This milestone moment means that you get a break from doing so much washing and folding, but it can also lead to a few new problems. There's often a learning curve for teens when it comes to washing their clothes. Despite your advice, they might be tempted to overload the washer or use too much soap. Watching for these signs of a serious problem lets you know when you need to arrange for washing machine repairs to keep your new household chore plan running along smoothly.

The Machine Makes Loud Noises 

That loud banging noise coming from the washing machine might just be your teenager's shoes. However, you should be concerned if you check and see nothing but regular clothes. Once a washing machine reaches a certain age or amount of use, major components typically begin to break. Someone who is experienced with washer repair can figure out where the noise is coming from and replace the part.

Their Clothes Aren't Getting Clean

Whether your teen is into sports, art, or auto repair, you likely have seen quite a few stains in your time. For the most part, your teen's clothing shouldn't be dirty when they take it out of the washer, and it should smell fresh. If not, then the washing machine might have a problem agitating the clothing. Fixing the true problem will ensure that your teen doesn't have to wash their clothes twice, which puts unnecessary wear and tear on the washer.

Water or Soap Is Left In the Drum

Occasionally finding sudsy clothes after the wash cycle is over is a sign that your teen is using too much soap, but there might be a bigger issue if this happens often. Seeing water or soap left in the drum could mean that there is a problem with the rinse or spin cycle. The washer might also be having trouble draining, and a repair can prevent a major leak if the problem gets worse.

The Washer Has a Bad Smell

Washing machines are supposed to make clothes smell better, but what do you do if it stinks itself? A smelly front-loading washer is often caused by mold and mildew growth that builds up on the seal. This tends to happen if someone forgets to dry it off after use, which might happen with teenagers. A seal that is too far gone to clean may need to be replaced. A bad smell from a top-loading washing could also mean that there is hair and other debris trapped in the interior components or the drain pipe. A repair technician can remove clogs and make washing clothes more pleasant again.

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