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Is Your Water Level Switch Bad In Your Washing Machine?

If it wasn't for the water level switch in your washing machine, your washing machine wouldn't be able to operate as it should. This little switch tells the machine when the wash tub is full and the water intake should be turned off.

The switch uses a plastic tube filled with air to determine just how much water is in the wash tub. As the machine fills up, the tube also fills with water which increases the air pressure in the tube. Eventually, the switch is triggered by an increased amount of air pressure and turns the water intake off.

When this switch fails, all kinds of problems may arise. These problems include:

  • The washing machine doesn't work at all.
  • The agitator won't move.
  • The drum won't spin.
  • The water doesn't fill the wash tub.
  • The clothes remain very wet after a spin cycle.
  • The wash tub overflows with water.

If you are having any, or a combination of these issues, you should begin repairs by troubleshooting your machine. Here's how.

Begin by unplugging the machine and gathering some supplies. You will need:

  • Owner's manual – it will help you identify all of the parts and find their locations
  • Screwdrivers
  • Masking tape and marker
  • Multitester
  • Flashlight

Step 1: Remove the rear panel of the washing machine by removing the screws and sticking them to a piece of masking tape to make them easy to find later.

Step 2: Take a good look at the air tube – do you see any damage or kinks? If so, this could be causing the entire system to malfunction. The tube should be empty and securely fastened to the base of the water levels switch and the outer tub. Tighten the connections to be sure and replace the tube if it is damaged.

Step 3: Disconnect the wires from the level switch – use the masking tape to label each wire and connection so that you can reconnect them the right way when you are done testing.

Step 4: The multimeter is used to test the continuity of the switch. You must test all three combinations of connection pairs – 1 and 2, 1 and three and 2 and 3. Two of these tests should read infinity and one test should read continuity. If your test doesn't prove these results, the switch is bad and needs to be replaced.

If you complete these tests and haven't found the cause of your problem, or you need help replacing the switch, talk with an appliance repair business, such as Jerry's Appliance Service, for help.