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Clothes Taking Too Long To Dry? 4 Things That Can Cause This

If your clothes are taking much longer to dry than they normally do, you don't have to go buy a new dryer just yet. In some cases it is something that is easy to fix to get the dryer working like new again. Below are four things that could be the problem.

Air Flow Problems

Check the vent on your dryer and make sure it is not clogged up. If it is then the air flow is restricted throughout your dryer, which causes it to take longer to dry your clothes. To keep this from happening, take time at least once a year to clean the venting system for your dryer. If you are not sure how to do this, refer to the owner's manual.

Blower Wheel Not Working

The blower wheel on your dryer pushes the heated air throughout your dryer, and then pushes the air out through the dryer vent that leads outside while it is drying your clothes. It is very easy for small items, such as socks, and lint to escape from the air filter. When this happens, they get stuck in the blower wheel, which makes it quit working. 

Washing Machine

Instead of a problem with your dryer, the problem could be with your washing machine. If it cannot go through the spin cycle enough to get most of the water out of your clothes, they will take much longer to dry. Next time your washer finishes, see if you can wring water out of the clothes. If you can do this easily, you probably have a problem with it instead of the dryer.

Circuit Breakers

Many dryers have two circuit breakers or two fuses. For example, there could be a circuit breaker for the heat, and another circuit breaker that causes the dryer to tumble. Check these and make sure the circuit breaker that causes your dryer to heat is not tripped or the actual breaker could be bad. If you need help with this, contact an electrician.  The fuse or breaker box is generally located in the utility area of your home, and there is a door panel over it. Each breaker should be marked at what it is for. Look for one that says something like dryer heat to see if it is flipped in the opposite direction as the others. If so, flip it back and then see if your dryer will heat. If this does not work, you should consider calling an electrician to check the breakers.

Call a dryer repair technician to fix your dryer for you if you do not feel comfortable fixing it yourself. If your dryer is new, it may still be under warranty.