How to Up-Keep Your Own Older Appliances

Feeling Luke Warm About Your Water Heater? Get Your Water Woes Repaired

If your hot water heater is only delivering luke warm water and you can't get a hot shower or warm wash cycle on the dishwasher, you have to call an appliance repair professional right away. Not only is the problem inconvenient, but it could also be a safety concern.

There are a lot of issues that could be making the hot water tank fail, and you'll want to ask the appliance repair expert about the following concerns and possibilities.

Flush and Cleaning

If there is a lot of sediment accumulating on the inside of the tank, you'll want to have the tank flushed. It can be difficult for the water heater to heat the water properly if the sensors are affected by the sediment, or if the sediment is absorbing the heat.

Having the unit flushed and cleaned isn't just going to help with temperature problems, but it will help with water quality and tank help with preservation at the same time.

Gas Leak

If the gas isn't getting to the pilot to create a large enough flame, then the water can't be heated properly. The appliance expert can put a liquid on the gas pipe to see if there is gas leaking out, and they can use a gas detection monitor. If there is a leak, you want to know for safety reasons, and to cut down on your natural gas usage. Once the pipe is replaced the problem may be fixed.


If the water is over a decade old, odds are that it could be reaching the end of its life. The appliance professional may tell you that it's time to replace your hot water tank for a more efficient tank heater, or for a new electric tankless option. This may be the only way to get hot water, but you will save in the long run.

The appliance expert is going to inspect the unit to see if the thermostat needs replaced or if the fix is something that could be done quickly. If your unit is getting old, you may want to consider the costs to replace it before investing a lot of money in repairs, in case you fix it and then another old part goes bad on the tank. You shouldn't have to take showers that aren't warm and comforting, or wash the dishes with water that isn't hot, call the appliance repair experts, like those at A Pittsburgh Service Center, right away to see what's wrong.