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3 Sign that Your AC System Needs Repair

Having an air conditioning system in your house is a must for most homeowners. Depending on where you live, an air conditioning system could be the difference between your comfort and misery. That is why it is important that you have a good working air conditioning system. All systems will need repairs and replacement at some point. Here are a couple signs that your air conditioning system is going bad.

1. The Air Flow Is Weak

Pay attention to how much air is blowing from your vents. There should be a good hard flow each time you turn it on. If you sit by the vent and you can hardly feel any movement, this is a problem. In addition, if you feel like the air isn't nearly as strong as it was the year before then this is a sign that you need to repair the problem.

This problem could be a simple obstruction in the vents, or it could be a problem with the entire AC system. Having an AC repair professional look at it will help you to determine the problem.

2. There Is a Puddle of Water by the Furnace

Another sign that there is a problem is that there is a puddle of water by the furnace. During normal operation there will be some condensation coming from the AC. Thus, it is normal to have some moisture in the area. However a full puddle of water means that the AC is working over time and that the pump is not working properly.

In some cases this can be a simple repair, but in other situations you may have to completely replace the sump pump. A professional can tell you if the problem is a clogged pipe or a sump pump failure.

3. Strange Noises Coming From The System

Another sure sign that you have a problem is that the system is making weird noises. You might notice the noises are stronger right when you start it up, and then the noises continue, perhaps slightly quieter, whenever the air starts to flow. The noises you should be listening for are a rattling, buzzing or ticking sound.

All of these sounds are signs that there is a problem with the motor. You might be able to help the motor by simply lubricating it, or you might have to completely replace the motor blower.

By understanding the signs of system failure you can catch the problem early on.